XSS Exploiting via Old Browsers Flaw‏ on Pinterest.com

The flaw is an Image XSS using the JavaScript directive affecting the following browsers
[IE7.0|IE6.0|NS8.1-IE] [NS8.1-G|FF2.0] [O9.02].
Although new browsers have already patched this issue, it is still a security flaw.
According to a research here http://www.ie6countdown.com/
6.1% of the world’s population still uses IE6
22.2% of population in china also still uses IE6

The reflected xss is located here
The value of the parameter ‘media’ will be inserted into the img src.

<img src="javascript:alert(1)" class="pinPreviewImg" style="">

Hence javascript will be executed


Freelancer.com Stored XSS

On the 8th of August 2013, I reported a persistent cross site scripting vulnerability on freelancer.com
The bug is located in the picture upload function of the site. Attackers can basically create an image file with the attacking vectors. For eg, renaming a normal png file to <img src=”” onerror=”javascript:alert(1)”>.png and just uploading it to the site. The site will echo out the name of the image, thus javascript will be executed.

The bug was fixed on 27/08/2013

Freelancer.com Bug bounty program includes:
1) A freelancer.com t-shirt.
2) Listed on the site Hall of Fame. – http://www.freelancer.com/info/security-hall-of-fame.php
3) A whitehat hacker badge for your freelancer’s profile. -http://www.freelancer.com/u/wuming69.html

Freelancer.com Global Rank: 534